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The Utilization of Music in Physical Therapy - Part One

The Utilization of Music in Physical Therapy - Part One By Mark R. Baldridge, Nuance Crusaders #nuance4health Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Music has therapeutic properties that help people improve their health, especially when utilized with physical therapy. Brett Sears (Sears, 2020) argues that it does not matter what type of music is utilized. I do agree with Sears, but there has to be criteria by which the music has to correspond to specific tasks and goals they seek to achieve (Vivy, 2012). For Physical Therapy, vital sign measurement and assessment are important components of the review of systems in a physical therapy examination for individuals with or without documented cardiopulmonary disease (Frese, 2011). The way my music can accomplish this task, especially for patients with high blood pressure, is that songs with tempos below 100 Beats Per Minute (BPM) can be utilized to stimulate Alpha brain waves. The perfect example of a song below…