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Pitch as Communication and Brain Activity.

As a composer of therapeutic music, what I find interestingis that speech and music are similar forms of communication. The way people communicate though speech or music isbychanging the pitch of the sound (Patel, 2008). By changing the pitch, you change the meaning of what is being communicated (Patel, 2008). For example, people speak differently depending on who they’re communicating with. For example, in a study, men would lower their voices and women would raise the pitch of their voices when talking to a person they consider attractive (Faletto, 2017). In terms of how sound relates to the brain, especially in speech, there are tens of thousands of neurons in the part of the brain that controls the movement patterns in the lips, tongue, and larynx. (Watson, 2018). It accomplishes this task because neurons contain cells within the nervous system that transmit information to other nerve cells, muscles, orgland cells (The Neuron, 2012). The best way to think of how this system works i…